Twister Extension Cord
Twister extension cords can be accessed in 2 pin and 3 pin plug based choices.  These extension cords have IP 55 protection rating and these can be availed at reasonable price from us.

Electric MCB
Electric MCBs have significant role in switching power supply from one source to the other. Available in single switch and double switch design based choices, this product range can be availed at reasonable price.

Extension Board
This array of extension boards is useful to supply electrical power to more than one devices at the same time. Offered with 1 year of warranty period, this product range is available with four sockets.

Electrical PVC  wooden Modular Box
Electrical PVC wooden Modular Boxes can be availed in different diameter and multiple way based design choices. Quick to install, this array of modular boxes deserve praise for their long lasting quality and perfect dimension.

PVC Wall Grips
PVC Wall Grips are well known for their long lasting quality, high strength and good integrity with different types of wall surfaces. Available in different sizes, this product range can be fitted quickly.

Modular Gang Box
Modular gang boxes are essential parts of any kind of electrical system. They give a safe, reliable method of joining electricity lines. These boxes are available in a wide range of shapes and configurations, which makes them easier to identify one that matches what you require.
Bulb Holder
Light bulbs are held in place and connected to electrical circuits using bulb holders. To fit various bulb kinds and wattages, they are available in an array of diameters and types. These holders are frequently employed for supplying lighting in houses, offices, and various other places of work.

Ceiling roses are a decorative feature that can give any area a dash of class and refinement. These lovely pieces have a timeless and traditional aesthetic that never goes out of style and are intended to be mounted at the ceiling. 

Cable Tie
In a wide range of places, like houses, offices, industries, and meetings, cable ties are utilized to arrange and protect wires, cords, and various other products. They provide an easy and successful way for handling and upkeep of cable systems and are offered in a variety of sizes and types.
Fan Regulator
Fan regulators are a must-have because they allow you to control the speed of your fan, which can save energy, reduce noise, and create a comfortable environment. They are easy to install, affordable, and compatible with most types of fans.

Modular Plates
Modular plates are a great choice if you  are seeking a portable and adaptable solution for setting up your electrical needs. They are a dependable and affordable option for usage in both household and professional settings since they are simple to erect, adaptable, and durable.

PVC Wooden Box
Switch holders made of PVC are a common alternative. These PVC wooden boxes consist of PVC, a material famous for its strength, tolerance to humidity, and durability against toxins. They look natural and appealing due to their outer layer's wooden feel.

Pole Mcb
Pole MCBs are a reliable as well as effective solution for protecting against current overloads as well as short circuits in electrical systems. They come in a variety of dimensions and grades that fit different needs and are commonly utilized in electrical industries.
Angle Holder
Angle holders are used to securing and support corner joints, such as those in furniture, shelving, and framing. They come in different sizes and materials and provide a reliable and durable solution for reinforcing angles and preventing movement and collapse.

Industrial Tester
Industrial testers are essential components of equipment for assuring the reliability, excellence, as well as security of many different business processes. These devices, which are accessible in an extensive variety of forms and designs, are designed to measure and investigate an array of variables such as temperatures, pressures, electric conductivity, and other.

Led Foot Light
LED footlights can be used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing interior decor, providing safety lighting for stairs and walkways, adding ambiance to outdoor spaces, and improving visibility in dimly lit areas.

Modular Switches
We provide modular switches that are flexible, resilient, and secure. These switches are available in an array of patterns and colors that will complement any home design, and their modular structure makes setup and altering simple.

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